Pitt-Fit is a comprehensive product offering from Pitt Plastics. We have taken a closer look at the most common and popular trash receptacles and found the perfect fit for each. We have eliminated the guesswork and provided a solution. We have the bags you need and that equates to savings in money, time and plastic.

iPad App Header

scasc Select “Pitt Plastics Selling System” icon on iPad desktop.


Opening Screen – Select Pitt Plastics Selling System


Login Screen – Enter username and password (provided to you by Pitt Plastics)


Registration Page –Fill in all registration information, click save (For Customer Name, please list first and last name, for Address, list both mailing and physical)


Brands Page – Select your receptacle brand: Rubbermaid or Continental.


Containers Page – Select receptacle(s) of use (as you select each receptacle they will populate in the left hand column). You can select as many receptacles as needed; however, only nine receptacles will show in the left hand column, without scrolling down. If you need to add additional receptacles of a different brand, you may select “Back to Container Brands,” e.g., you selected Rubbermaid first and now need to select Continental for other receptacles that you use.

Once all containers have been selected, press the “Go to Questionnaire” button at bottom of left hand column.

Note: To clear your receptacle selection, you must swipe your selection from the arrow on the right hand side of your receptacle info to the left. This will bring up a red box that says “Delete”. You may select “Delete” or tap the box again to cancel. This may be done anytime throughout the Selling System process.


Questionnaire Page – First select one of your receptacles listed in left hand column (It will turn blue to show that it has been selected). Next select which kind of trash will be in the can liner – sharp or not sharp. Third, select the load capacity desired for this can liner. Finally, press “Assign Bag Attributes,” this will add your attributes to your receptacle. Repeat this process for each receptacle you have listed on the left.

Once attributes have been added to each receptacle, select “Finished” at the bottom of the left hand column.

From this screen you may also select “Home” which will return you to the Brands Page, where you can select Rubbermaid or Continental for additional receptacles.


Select Your Bags – For each receptacle, choose one can liner. You will find the can liner options (for each of the receptacles you have listed in the left hand column) on the right hand side. You are able to select one liner per receptacle. You do this by selecting the white box to the right of the item number.

(Note: If you want to select multiple liners for a receptacle, you must select the receptacle multiple times on the Containers Page. To add more receptacles from the Select Your Bags page, you must select “Home” which will bring you to the Brands Page.)

Once a selection has been made for each receptacle, you select “Result,” which can be found in the bottom left hand corner.


Selection Summary – This summarizes all of the liners you have selected for your receptacles. At the top of the page it asks if you “Would like to request a sample kit” Select yes or no and then select “Done,” found in the bottom right hand corner. A box will pop up that says, “Data saved, select e-mail to continue.” Press “OK” in this box. Then select “Email” in the upper right hand corner.


Product Information E-mail – an email will pop up addressed to the e-mail address that was entered on the Registration Page. This e-mail will include two files. One file is an .html data file (opened with Web Brower) that list the specifications of the item(s) you selected in the application. The second file is a .pdf file (opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader). This file also shows specifications for the selected product(s), a photo of the appropriate trash receptacle for the item(s) and a consolidated quote form. Click “Send” to continue with sending the e-mail. If you need to cancel, you may do so by selecting the “Cancel” button in the upper left hand corner of the e-mail. This will save the quote to your draft folder of the e-mail provider you have linked to the iPad. Once the Email is sent you will receive a pop up box that says “Email successfully sent” with “OK”. Select OK.

You have completed the Pitt Plastics Selling System process; you may now start over by selecting “Start Over” in the upper right hand corner.

To completely exit the application, you must press the Home button.



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